Company Preface

Praxis Technical Services LLC is the Specialized Contracting & Technical Service Company to meet the diverse needs of corporate, public and private sector clients throughout UAE & Middle East Countries. Our high standard of service ensures that our clients from various markets retain a strong relationship with us. Praxis Technical Services LLC is built in trust & experience catering total solutions focusing Govt. Companies, EPC Contractor, Medium Contractors & Integrators and Principles in Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Petrochemical, Mining, Refining, Pulp & Paper, Cement, Marine, Onshore and Offshore, Nuclear Power, Infrastructure and Water & Waste Water industries.

Praxis Technical Services LLC do the following Major Services:

Process & Power Piping Works

Specialist provider of advanced process & piping systems for commercial, industrial, Defense Location and residential complexes.

Onshore and Offshore Oil & Gas Services

Specialist provider of Onshore and Offshore Oil & Gas Fields and Facilities Services works, Electrical & Mechanical Equipment and Spares.

Specialist Fuel Transfer System

We design & install Specialized Fuel Storage & Distribution System for mission critical facilities and also to meet the requirements of our Fuel System customers.

Electro Mechanical & MEP Works

We provides the skill, expertise, experience and resources essential to meet the demands of today's fast track Electro-mechanical projects.